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Notary Services

notary public & Legal Services


Our firm provides notarial services, as respective officers are qualified to authenticate, prepare, attest, verify, witness and certify original and copy legal documents for use in Nigeria and internationally.



Witnessing, certifying and authenticating the execution of relevant of documents.

personal & business


Verification of company documents. Verification of identity and/or signature on official documents.



Taking oaths and affirmations, declarations, affidavits and depositions.

Our Services

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  1. Corporate & Commercial Law
  2. General Counsel
  3. Legal Audit
  4. Government Affairs
  5. International Law
  6. Wills Trust & Administration of Estates
  7. Media Law
  8. Property & Real Estate
  9. Intellectual Property
  10. Notary Public
  1. Labour Law
  2. Capital Market
  3. Banking & Finance
  4. Sports& Entertainment law
  5. Immigration
  6. Debt/Asset Recovery
  7. Litigation
  8. Maritime
  9. Family Law
  10. Public Law
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The services we offer as a Notary Public include but not limited to the following:


  1. Witnessing the execution of local and international documents, i.e bank statements, statement of net worth, international contracts, sale and purchase agreements, land title documents, power of attorney, security, company resolutions, minutes of meetings, assignments of intellectual property etc;
  2. Verification of Company documents and verification of identity and/or signature;
  3. Taking affidavits, declarations & depositions for documentary and record purposes;
  4. Preparation of Notarial Certificates of Law & Good Standing; Applicable to companies and individuals;
  5. Obtaining authentication from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, for legalization of marriage certificates; judgements of the court; divorce certificates; school certificates and academic transcripts; single status certificates; incorporation documents; business agreements among others;
  6. Notarisation of Bills of Exchange, to note and protest a dishonoured (unpaid) bill. 
  7. Administration of oaths and affirmations for giving of evidence in court, proceedings and tribunals or for someone being sworn into an office.

The documents listed below can  be notarised for legalisation purposes:

  1. Affidavits;
  2. Biodata page of International Passport;
  3. Birth Certificate;
  4. Divorce certificate/decree;
  5. Driver’s License;
  6. Foreign documents requiring notorisation before it can be used in Nigeria
  7. Marriage Certificate;
  8. Police Clearance Certificate;
  9. School Certificate.

The following is required:

A. Certification or witnessing of signature:

  1. Unsigned document;
  2. An original of a government issued identity card. Ie Driving license, International Passport, National identity card;
  3. Resident Permit and international passport for foreign national.


B. Certification of documents:

  1. Original and copy of the document;
  2. Means of proving ownership.


C. Oaths & Affirmation

  1. Relevant documents:
  2. Government issued identify card


D. Others:

  1. Originals of relevant documents:
  2. Government issued identify card

The procedure for document notarisation in Nigeria is as follows:

  1. The document are submitted to the Notary Public;
  2. The required documents will be stamped and sealed by the Notary Public which give effect to the notorisation.
  3. The Notary Public will keep a register of all the documents notarised for record purposes.
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