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Legal Services

A Track Record in Providing Legal Services

Our Principles

Firm Aims

Our Firm aims to become a major player and global leader in providing international legal services.
To achieve this we strive to open offices in major jurisdictions of the world.
We also reach out and maintain relationships with law firms in several countries.

Business Practice...

Our Firm believes in, practices and promotes corporate responsibility. In this we maintain high ethical values and integrity. We set our objectives and revise our performance in line with industry standards. We encourage Pro bono work, charity, community service and promote ethnic diversity. We also take compliance issues seriously.

Firm Standards

We maintain the highest standards and time honoured traditions of legal practice....

We committed to international standards of responsibility and practices...

We are committed to providing dedicated legal services worldwide.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide dedicated legal services worldwide in our different areas of expertise.

Core Beliefs...

1st Attorneys practices and set for ourselves the highest standards of business principles.

The core beliefs of our principles are based on integrity of conduct, quality of service and dedication to the client.

About You...

Once engaged, we are completely dedicated to serving our clients in our best endeavour. The Client is the reason why we exist and we appreciate the businesses they bring.

CLIENTS WORLDWIDE Countries: Japan, Italy, Spain, France, USA, UK, Canada, UAE, Mexico, S. Africa, Nigeria, Egypt, China, Hong Kong, Portugal, Sweden Germany, Romania, Malaysia, Cyprus, India,

.We'll be privileged to serve you some day and some how in our best endeavour..

About the Firm

1st Attorneys is an International brand serving clients all over the world in Nigeria. We are among the  Leading Law Firm in Nigeria  and are  established and registered under the laws of Nigeria and associated with Leading Law Firms in various countries and jurisdictions. The firm comprises of proven partners in various fields.
…we are poised towards meeting the global challenges of legal practice.

Over the years, we have been among the first choice of law firms preferred by clients and refereed  to, in handling their matters based on our professionalism and expertise.  We have established an maintain standards which we strictly adhere to to the satisfaction of our clients.


Firm Locations

Lagos: Nigeria

Our Key office is situated right in the heart of Victoria Island in Lagos. Lagos is the largest city and commercial nerve Centre of Nigeria while Victoria Island is notably an affluent business & finance hub.

We occupy the front, right wing, on the ground floor, of Management House.

Akwa Ibom: Uyo

A Key office is situated in Uyo, Akwa Ibom State. Akwa Ibom is a state enriched with vast human and natural resources, including, oil, aquatic life, food and cultural practices. 

From this location, we service major  corporate and individual clients spanning through the South East and South South of Nigeria.

The South South of Nigeria provides the economic mainstream of the country. These states include: Akwa Ibom, Bayelsa, Cross River, Delta, Edo and Rivers.


Atlanta: U S

Atlanta is the capital of the U.S. state of Georgia.

1st Attorneys is legally incorporated as

1st Attorneys LLC under the laws of Georgia.

The location in Atlanta serves as a representative office with regards to clients and matters in the Unites States.

It also serves to provide advisory services in various respects.

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