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Foreign Investor Benefits

Foreign Investor Benefits


 i.      The shareholding of the company can be 100% foreign owned.

ii.     A non-Nigerian may invest and participate in the operation of any enterprise in Nigeria (See exemptions);

iii.    An enterprise, in which foreign participation is permitted, shall after its incorporation or registration, be registered with the NIPC;

iv.    The Nigerian registered company can apply for pioneer status where applicable and enjoy tax exemptions and other benefits.

v.     A foreign enterprise may buy the shares of any Nigerian enterprise in any convertible foreign currency.

vi.    A foreign investor in an approved enterprise is guaranteed unconditional transferability of funds through an authorised dealer, in freely convertible currency, be it: 

(a)   dividends or profit (net of taxes) attributable to the investment;

(b)   payments in respect of loan servicing where a foreign loan has been obtained. 


vii.   The remittance of proceeds (net of all taxes) and other obligations in the event of sale or liquidation of the enterprise or any interest attributable to the investment;

Total repatriation of capital should the investor choose to relocate elsewhere. 


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