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Property development involves the building, marketing, sales and management of real estate products and services.

These could be unit structures or estates of both commercial and residential properties.

They could be marketed and sold either off plan, through milestone payments or outright purchase.

It involves huge capital investments, infrastructural planning but a reward of a high yield returns.

Investment Properties

We advise and assist clients to acquire property for the sole purpose of earning a return on investment either through rental income, future resale of the property, or both. The property can be held by an individual, company or in collaboration with a group such as a cooperative.

In each instance, we help clients to identify properties which can be used to meet their short or long term goals.

We look for low cost, high yield properties or those subject to foreclosure, distress sales, etc. In short, a good deal.

In many instances the property can be completely remodeled or renovated, and sold at a reasonable profit within a short time span.

In other instances short term returns is gained from the rental value while in the long term the property can be sold at an appreciative value.

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There are various types of apartments dependent on your needs and budget.

These include, studio apartments, alcove studio, luxury apartments,


Houses in Nigeria varies in type, structure, size and utility.

These include bungalow, terraces, duplexes, flats, villas, townhouses, mansions etc


The types of offices varies. These include office complexes, commercial building, shopping complex, there are also commercial structures like, banking halls, gas stations, retail outlets, lockup shops, warehouses etc.

This is the best time to buy investment propertiesWhy Buy?

Now is the best time to buy an investment property.

The simple reason is that it's a buyers market.

People are hard press for cash based on the present economic situation and are ready to sell off their property for a reasonably low market price.

When the pandemic is over, property rates are likely to soar, making anyone who buys now, a wise investor.'

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