Legal Auditor


A Legal Auditor, is a person who is knowledge in law, legal and regulatory processed to undertake forensic analysis thereto .

Our firm undertakes legal audit  for individuals, corporate bodies or government agencies for various reasons.


— Periodic Basis

Legal Audit may be undertaken on a periodic basis as part of an on-going compliance program.

Specific Event

Legal Audit may be undertaken in connection with a specific event, such as a financial audit or a specific transaction, such as an acquisition or securities offering. 

— Specific Areas

There are also specialized legal audits in specific areas, such as tax; labour and employment; estate planning/asset protection; government contracts; franchising compliance; and environmental law.

— Due Diligence

Legal Audit may be undertaken as a simple due diligence process as regards a specific transaction preceding a party signing a contract or making a financial or other commitment.

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