:: Our Methodology ::


meet & discuss;

investigate & research;

report, advise & act.

:: The Portfolio ::

This portfolio is specially designed for the International Businessman /foreign investors wishing to undertake business in Nigeria or already have business engagements in Nigeria.


:: The Aim ::

The aim is to protect the investor and minimize foreseeable as well as unforeseeable risk which is peculiar to the Nigerian environment.


:: The Mode ::

This involves undertaking evaluations, enquiries and assessments made in strictest confidence.


...we maintain the highest standards and time honoured traditions of legal practice...


:: The Areas ::

1. Project finance
2. Government regulations
3. Corporate, individual profiles
4. Property acquisitions
5. Business proposals, profiles
6. Mergers, acquisitions
7. Immigration matters
8. Debt structuring, recovery
9. Taxation
10. Investments security
11. Business documentation
12. Fraud protection and remedies

Doing Business in Nigeria
All business enterprises must be registered with the Registrar-General of the Corporate Affairs Commission (Registrar of Companies).

A foreign investor wishing to set up business operation in Nigeria should take all steps necessary to obtain local incorporation of the Nigerian branch or subsidiary

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